Humanities Economics: The Economic meaning of Xi Jinping's cultural thought
May 10:09, May 10, 2024 Source: "China Social Sciences" May 10, 2024 Issue 2888 Author: Yu Kaiyue Ding Xiaoqin

Culture is an important manifestation of economic and social development。2023 National Two Sessions,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed when participating in the Jiangsu delegation for review: "There is a paradise and Suzhou and Hangzhou,Su Hangzhou is a city in the forefront of economic development。Place where culture is very developed,Economy still walks ahead。You can study the humanities and economics here。"" "Humanities Economics", the major propositions, reveal the development law of cultural and economic integration and interaction,It is the concentration of the economic meaning of Xi Jinping's cultural thought。Correct understanding and grasping the rich connotation of humanities and economics,It is conducive to in -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's cultural thought,Provides scientific theoretical guidance for the coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization,Promote my country to achieve high -quality development in the coexistence of cultural and economic symbiosis。

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Humanities Economics breaks through the ideological barriers of "seeing things without seeing people" under the dominance of capital logic,Answer to who develops from the perspective of "people"、Who is relying on who rely on。

On the one hand,Humanities and economics will meet the needs of the people's growing good life、Promoting the comprehensive development of people as the starting point and foothold。General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out: "Development for the people,This is the fundamental position of Marxist political economy。"Since the new era,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core firmly adheres to the people's position,Multiple clarification of the starting point and setting point of development,Proposing "the people's longing for a better life is our goal of struggle"bet365 live casino games,"Must meet the needs of the people's growing good life as the starting point and end point","The essence of modernization is human modernization,The ultimate goal of modernization is to achieve human freedom and comprehensive development "。Meeting the people's increasingly growing good life needs to be inseparable from the important factor of culture,People's freedom and comprehensive development also requires the great richness of social material wealth and the prosperity of culture。Humanities and economics that develops with cultural and economic integration,It is to better meet the people's growing good life needs,Promoting human freedom and comprehensive development。

On the other hand,Humanities and economics clarify the subject and rely on the power of the development of the humanities and economy lies in the people。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the article "Cultural Economy" to light up Zhejiang Economy: "The essence of 'cultural economy' lies in the integration and bet365 Play online gamesdevelopment of culture and economy,In the final analysis, it must highlight a ‘person’ word。"The people are the most active in productivity、The most revolutionary factor,Created the material wealth and spiritual wealth of society,is the decisive force to promote social development。In the process of promoting the development of the humanities and economy,Must respect the status of the people and the first spirit,Stimulate the creativity and innovation spirit of the people,Promote the development of cultural and economic integration。

  Two "two combinations" as the methodology basis

At the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping first proposed "Persist in combining the basic principles of Marxism with the specific actual situation of China、Combined with the excellent traditional culture of China "。"Two combinations" are both an important component of Xi Jinping's cultural thought,It also provides an important methodological basis for humanities and economics。

First,Humanities Economics as an independent economic knowledge system construction and theoretical innovation expression in China,To keep Marxist political economy "positive",On bet365 best casino gamesthe basis of correcting the relationship between cultural and economic dialectics,Tightly combined with the actual development of my country's economic development,Provide scientific guidance for the development of cultural and economic integration in my country。According to the historical view of Marxist materialism,Economic Decision Culture,Economic development provides a material foundation for cultural development; culture has an important impact on the economy,The development of the economy is inseparable from the support of culture。On the one hand,Cultural industry is an important part of the socio -economic structure,Its development can directly promote the development of social productivity,Provide momentum for economic and social development。On the other hand,Culture as a upper -level building for ideology,Able to act on the economic basis,Provide strong mental motivation and intellectual support for economic development,Gives economic development with deep humanistic value、High organizational effectiveness and stronger competitive advantage。

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The power of culture,Or we call it a cultural soft power that constitutes comprehensive competitiveness,Always ‘Moisturizing Silent’ integrates the economic force、Political forces、Social power,Become a 'booster' for economic development、The navigation lights of political civilization、Social harmonious 'adhesive'。"We must attach importance to the role of economy on cultural development,"Live" culture with the economy,Provide material support for the sustainable bet365 Play online gamesdevelopment of culture。At the same time,We should pay attention to the reaction of culture on the economy,"Live" economy with culture,increasingly integrated cultural elements and connotations into economic development。Only on bet365 best casino gamesthe basis of correcting the relationship between economic and cultural dialectics,We can better combine Marxist political economics with the actual development of my country's development,Provide scientific theoretical guidance to promote the development of culture and economic symbiosis。

Next,Humanities and economics should use "second combination" as "another ideological liberation",How to deeply excavate the pulse of the excellent traditional culture of China to support the construction of the modern industrial system,Promoting the integration of culture and economy。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in Suzhou: "Suzhou has done a good job in traditional and modernity,Not only historical and cultural heritage,And with high -tech innovation and high -quality development,represents the future development direction。"This clarifies the development of the human economy and economy to make full use of the excellent Chinese traditional cultural resources,and organically combine it with modern technology innovation,Promote high -quality development with cultural heritage and modern technology support。

We must deeply excavate the elements that meet the requirements of high -quality development in the excellent traditional culture of China,Comprehensive use of modern technology and modern operation mode,Research on Promoting Traditional Culture、Protection and inheritance,and to historical relics、Archaeological relics for protection, repair, activation and use,Continue to provide high -quality cultural resources for the development of humanities and economy。We want to strengthen comprehensive innovation with technology as the core,Creative conversion of the excellent Chinese traditional cultural resources with scientific and technological innovation,Promoting the innovation and development of cultural and economic formats in the Numeroshi Times,and continuously improve the modern industrial system,Stimulate new momentum of economic growth。

Last,Humanities Economics requires the humanistic spirit contained in traditional Chinese culture into the socialist market economy,Let the human spirit become another "invisible hand" for regulating economic development,Promote the healthy development of the market economy。For example,Integrate core values ​​such as "benevolence, righteousness and wisdom" in traditional Chinese culture into the socialist market economy,It can overcome the negative effects brought by the bet365 best casino gamesbehavior of capital chase during the operation of the operation,Build a harmonious socialist market economy culture,Promoting the healthy and orderly development of the market economy。General Secretary Xi Jinping during the main administration of Zhejiang,Take the accelerated construction of cultural provinces as an important part of implementing the "eight -eight strategy",Organic combination of excellent traditional cultural genes with the era with reform and innovation as the core,Make Zhejiang winning the front advantage when the resources were not abundant at that time,Developed into one of the strongest and most vibrant provinces in the country。

 Promote the prosperity of my country's cultural industry

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Promote high -quality development,Culture is an important fulcrum ",To promote the prosperity and development of the cultural industry。Cultural industry is an important practical carrier of humanities and economics,The development of the cultural industry directly promotes the development of social productivity。

Social production process that promotes the prosperity and development of the cultural industry。According to Marxist's social reproduction theory,The total process of social production includes production、allocation、Exchange、Four links for consumption。Labor is the main body of the social production process,The development of social productive forces depends on the performance of the subjective initiative of workers。We want to strengthen the construction of the talent team,Cultivate a large number of outstanding literary workers,Enhance cultural creation、Communication and communication ability。Social production link is a process of combining labor and production materials,To strengthen the construction of cultural infrastructure,Promoting digital technology deep empowerment cultural industry innovation。In the allocation link,Respect the original knowledge achievement,Pay attention to intellectual property protection and maintenance,Resolutely crack down on various types of infringement; we must improve the public service cultural network,bet365 Play online gamesVigorously develop public welfare cultural undertakings and cultural industries。In the exchange link,Pay attention to the spread of culture,Make full use of new technologies and new media,Innovate various forms of cultural communication,Strengthen the construction of international communication capabilities,Promoting civilized exchanges and mutual learning。In the consumption link,To innovate cultural consumption mode,Accelerate the transformation and upgrade of traditional cultural consumption,Establish an institutional environment that is conducive to the long -term development of the cultural industry,Promoting cultural consumption quality increase efficiency。

Pushing the high -quality development of cultural and cultural industries with new development concepts as guidance。Adhere to the concept of innovation and development,Constantly promoting the content and form of cultural products。Adhere to the concept of coordinated development,Correctly understand the dialectical relationship between material civilization and spiritual civilization,Promoting the balance between the two、Coordinated development,Actively promote urban and rural、Coordinated development of cultural integration between regions。Persist in the concept of green development,Pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment during the development of the cultural tourism industry,Actively conveys the green lifestyle through cultural products。Adhere to the concept of open development,Promoting cultural trade development,Strike the development experience of excellent cultural industry abroad,Promote the "Going Get"。Adhere to the concept of sharing development,Guided by the basic cultural needs of the people,Strengthen high -quality cultural supply,Let the people share excellent cultural resources、Cultural creation、Cultural achievements。

 (This article is the National Social Science Fund general project "Marxist Political Economics Theoretical Innovation and Practical Innovation Research" (23BKS032) phased results)

(The author is a researcher at the Marxist theory and Governance Research Institute of Marxism of Shanghai Engineering and Technology; a professor of chair at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics、Vice President of Xi Jinping's Institute of Economic Ideological Research)

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