Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Marxist College of Aeronautics and Astronautics makes the spirit of "Air Heaven" shine more
May 10:04, May 10, 2024 Source: "China Social Sciences" May 10, 2024 Issue 2888 Author: This reporter Liu Yuan ship

The spirit of Beihang, which will be "reported to the country" as the core ",Invite the school academician team to participate in the lecture,It is one of the characteristics and advantages of bet365 Play online gamesthe ideological and political courses of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics。On the "main battlefield" of ideological and political lessons,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Marxism is committed to exploring the road to the construction and development of "Da Si Political Class"。For the past 3 years,In the Basic Skills Competition of the Seminic Class Teaching Class in Beijing University,There are 8 teachers who have won prizes in the college,10 teachers won the first prize,Number of winners and the first position in Beijing University。"Basic Principles of Marxism" Course is selected as a high -quality undergraduate course in Beijing universities,Curriculum lesson plans Elected to Beijing university high -quality undergraduate courses。The college teachers bear 22 items of national and provincial and ministerial education reform topics,Bet365 lotto reviewAmong them, 3 items including the National Social Science Fund Thoughts and Politics、Affairs of the Throughout of the Ministry of Education's ideological and political theoretical course Teacher Research on major topic research projects 1 item。

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"Master,So preaching to teach to solve confusion。"in the new era,The discipline background and business expertise of teachers in ideology and politics are different,How to answer the various doubts that students explore based on theory and practice? In the exchange of Zhao Yiliang, dean of the School of Marxism at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,The reporter found the answer。

Zhao Yiliang said,The teachers of the college are mainly "post -80s" and "post -90s",Young teachers under the age of 40 account for 70%of the total number of teachers。In terms of talent introduction,The background of the subject is just one aspect of the inspection,The most fundamental criterion for choosing people is firm belief。For the newly -employed young teacher,The college will guide and train according to its subject background,Give full play to the teacher's own advantages,Efforts to make every ideological and political lesson say "love" and "taste"。

Gao Ning, Secretary of the Party Committee of Marxist College of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Only do it for students to solve doubts,can students better integrate into bet365 Play online gamesthe ideological and political class。In the construction and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Realize personal struggle with the same frequency resonance with national development,Not only a high -combustion story taught by teachers in ideological and political lessons,It should be vividly reflected in the vital practice of ideological and political teachers in creative work。,Gao Ning said: "Let those who have faith talked about faith。"Thoughts and practices of ideological and political lessons can promote teachers to actively play the role of behavior of the world。

  Realize the length of teaching

Fu Lisa, an associate professor of Marxist College of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, has eight consecutive years at CCTV "The Spirit of Aerospace",Make a good social response。From the initial loved "sisters" to the mature transformation of teachers of ideological and political teachers with superb business,Her secret is,Go up to the podium,Persist in bet365 Play online gamesthe ideological and political classroom。

Dasheng Class is both a practical stage for young teachers to grow rapidly,It is also the "responsibility field" that teachers at the School of Marxism must work with heart.。Zhao Yiliang told reporters,The college has always encouraged young teachers to go to bet365 Play online gamesthe ideological and political podium,Practice exercise through ideological and political classrooms,get faster、Grow more solidly。

Bet365 app downloadZhao Yiliang shows it with his own experience,Sicing and political classroom is a fertile soil to achieve long teaching。He said, "Some of the research topics I do,At first, they all came from the problems of students in bet365 Play online gamesthe ideological and political class。After answering students,These problems also cause my further thinking,Finally transformed into research results。"He sincerely hopes that young teachers can achieve improvement from the practice of ideological and political classrooms、Growth。For the past 3 years,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Marxist School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, hosted 60 items of national and provincial and ministerial scientific research topics,19 items of the National Social Science Fund Project,5 items of the Ministry of Education。College teachers published 25 theoretical articles in the central government "three newspapers and one magazine",Published dozens of papers in core academic journals。Combination through theory and practice,Realize the length of teaching,It is one of the inspection methods for education effectiveness。

  Close to student life

Adhere to the integration of ideological and political courses with students' ideological and political work,It is the main aspect of the construction of "Da Si Political Class"。Gao Ning said,To be close to students,Let them feel close,can I truly understand what they think。Thoughts and political lessons bet365 best casino gamesnot only teach Marxist thought,Let them understand the thinking behind thoughts,The improvement of thinking ability can help them better understand the world、Solve the problem。

Fu Lisha told reporters a story that made her deeply remember: on a "master class" in 2023,90 -year -old Academician Qi Fazhen talked about his life experience and perception to his classmates。He finally said such a sentence to his classmates,"We were very hard at that time,To face a lot of difficulties,But I think you are more difficult now,To face more temptation "。Academician Qi Fajie's words,Let students feel a lot of it。,Fu Lisha said: "After hearing this passage,I am also deeply inspired,Ideological and political lessons are not preaching,Instead, it is necessary to solve the problem,Let's look at and solve the problem from the perspective of students。”

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the construction of "Da Si Political Class",Fully participated in the construction of the "Da Si Political Class" comprehensive reform pilot zone with the theme of practical teaching,The core connotation of "practicality" penetrates ideological and political lessons、The whole process of professional courses and daily ideological and political work。Require teachers in ideology and politics to serve as student party building counselors、Exclusive instructor of Bet365 lotto reviewundergraduates,Entering the "One -stop" student community to carry out "one -on -one" exchange。System of Thought Teachers in the Military and Political Class,I am also selected as an excellent case of the "One -stop" student community of the Ministry of Education.。According to Liu Haoran, the youth teacher of the college,For more than a year,He has developed "one -to -one" exchanges in the student community to reach hundreds of people。

Where is the effectiveness of ideological and political lessons? For Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,It is to establish the spiritual coordinates of the "Empty Heaven" of the Beihang people。Many graduates in the school take the initiative to choose to participate in national defense,Become a builder of socialist cause with Chinese characteristics in the new era。Gao Ning said,Let students learn to think、Good at thinking,The depth of thought is to make faith more firm。

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