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This journal is a comprehensive academic journal sponsored by UNESCO,The article is written by scholars from all over the world,One center theme per issue,Reflects the latest research results and research trends of various disciplines。

4th year 4,Published on the 25th of the season,Priched at 30 yuan per period,The annual price is 120 yuan (including postage)。


Editor in Chinese version:Fang Jun

Deputy editor:Lu Weizhou  Shu Jianjun 

              禇 Guo Fei

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"International Social Science Magazine" (Chinese version) 2023 Phase 4 Directory
February 19, 2024 16:42 Source: Chinese Social Sciences Magazine bet365 live casino gamesAuthor:
  • bet365 live casino gamesAuthor: John John Cabb
    Article in depth the "self -destructive gene" brought by the modern industrial civilization in the West,Based on this,outline a brand new to the reader、Really sustainable、The outline of the healthy postmodern ecological civilization。Humans want to transition to this new ecological civilization,One side ...
  • bet365 live casino gamesAuthor: Li Ronghua
    In modern society, wild animals are regarded as a resource,It is believed that unsatisfactory killing will cause wild animal resources to dry。To build a restrained hunting order、Mustful use of wild animal resources,The state has formulated a system of beneficial and harmful Bet365 lotto reviewanimal classification management,and through school ...
  • bet365 live casino gamesAuthor: Aijin Jiya
    In recent years, the "Summer Camp of Prairie Travel and Nature Education" has emerged in the pastoral area of ​​Inner Mongolia。"Prairie Study Camp" uses the unique ecological environment unique to the Inner Mongolia grassland、Traditional Culture、Resource advantages such as returning to the hometown,Prairie ecological environment and grassland、The principles of harmonious symbiosis between herders and five animals ...
  • bet365 live casino gamesAuthor: Zhang Wen
    The emergence of marine sociology is a knowledge response of sociology bet365 live casino gamesto human -new relations since the 20th century。This article is based on the discipline development of domestic marine sociology,sorted out and introduced China、Poland、Canada、Multi -country scholars such as the United States have been in marine sociology in recent years ...
  • bet365 live casino gamesAuthor: Zhang Haichao
    West Yunnan has a long history of orchid planting,In an artificial construction environment,The water required for the growth of orchids、Earth、Light is carefully arranged。Orchids do not like big water and fat,It can be opened in winter and spring,Coupled with the orchids of the lotus petal orchid, the orchids are in the fragrance、Flower type、leaves, etc. ...
  • bet365 live casino gamesAuthor: Unier
    National Botanicals are one of the earliest disciplines that break the dual -barrier of natural science and social sciences in modern academia。Its creation fills the culture of traditional botanicals,That is the ignorance of people,Open the door to scientifically explore folk plant resources and traditional plant knowledge。National Botanicals in Middle ...
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