With the party's comprehensive leadership, advance the modernization of Chinese -style
09:35, August 01, 2023 Source: "China Social Sciences", August 1, 2023, Issue 2703 Author: Reporter Cha Jianguo Chen Lian

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core is based on summing up the experience of modernization.,New changes in the practice of economic and social development in my country,Continuously expand the connotation and goals bet365 best casino games of Chinese -style modernization。At the Marxism College of Fudan University、Tsinghua University School of Marxism and other units organized by the "Chinese Communist Party Leaders Promoting Chinese -style Modernization" and "New Era of the Communist Party of History of the Communist Party of History Party Building Discipline Construction" on July 8th,The participating experts agree,Since its establishment of the Communist Party of China,Take the realization of modernization as a goal that is not overwhelming,The modernization process of China has changed from this fundamental change。

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"Chinese -style modernization theory is the major theoretical innovation of the party's 20,It is also a major contribution and important development of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,It is a major achievement made by scientific socialism in China。"" Li Jie, president of the magazine, Li Jie,To fully implement the party's leadership bet365 best casino games of Chinese -style modernization,It is necessary to fully grasp the theory of Chinese bet365 live casino games -style modernization,In -depth analysis of the essential attributes of Chinese -style modernization、Scientific connotation and Chinese characteristics、Essential requirements、Strategic arrangement、Strategic Support、Unique advantage、Major principles and world significance。

Professor Xiao Guiqing, a professor at the Marxist College of Tsinghua University, believes,After the founding of New China,Whether it is the party's overall route during the transition period or two steps to achieve four modern plans,or after reform and opening up,Chinese -style modernization has become an important goal of the party's socialist construction,All reflect the practical experience and theoretical crystallization of our party's generation leaders in the process of exploration of the modernization system。Chinese -style modernization is in the innovation of Marxist modernization theory,Open the unique Chinese -style modern road。

Based on the long -term exploration and practice since the establishment of New China, especially since the reform and opening up,The theoretical and practical innovation breakthroughs since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Our party has successfully promoted and expanded Chinese -style modern roads,Get rich experience and theoretical results。Professor Shang Zhixiao, a professor at Marxist College of Shandong Normal University, believes,Only the Communist Party of China is the strong leader bet365 best casino games of Chinese -style modernization,can ensure that Chinese -style modernization always moves forward steadily along the direction of socialism,Write a new bet365 Play online games gorgeous Chinese chapter。

  Improve the party's leadership level 

The party's comprehensive leadership is the most basic conclusion of summarizing the party's century -old struggle history,It is also an important guarantee for promoting Chinese -style modernization in the new era。We must complete the basic content of the party's comprehensive leadership,and learn from the successful experience and major theory of being able to help Chinese -style modernization。Liu Jingbei, Dean of the Socialist Research Institute of Pudong Cadre College of China, said,The content and experience of the party's comprehensive leadership formed a theory of party political leadership on the basis of the "two combinations"、Ideological Leading Theory、Organizational leadership theory、Democratic concentration theory、Unified front theory、Basic theory of the comprehensive leadership of the party such as mass line theory。

From the perspective of Liu Hongzhang, Dean of the Party Construction Research Institute of Fudan University,Leadership issues and people's hearts and back problems are two sides of the party's leadership,Leadership determines the future fate of revolutionary construction,and the people's hearts to the back to determine the success or failure of the ruling party。Therefore,To strengthen and improve the party's leadership in the new era must adhere to the party's leadership and governing position,Practice the party's leadership into the party's various undertakings,Improve the leadership system,Improve the party's leadership method,Improve the party's leadership level,With the comprehensive leadership of the party, it provides comprehensive support bet365 Play online games for Chinese -style modernization。

The party's own construction is an important support for implementing the party's comprehensive leadership,It is also a reliable guarantee for the party to comprehensively promote Chinese -style modernization。Jin Minqing, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Theoretical construction is the central link that runs through the party building,The theoretical construction of the party in the new era should be established in theoretical exploration and always adheres to Marxist guiding ideology,Founded in theoretical innovation and continuously enriched and developed Sinicization、The era of Marxism,Resolutely defend Marxism and its Sinicization results in theoretical struggle,Continuously advanced Marxism in theoretical armed forces、Popularization,In the theoretical practice, constantly transforming scientific thought into development practice。Wang Tingda, Dean of the School of Marxism, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes,Organization construction is the top priority of party building。In the new era, the highest principle should be based on persistence and strengthening the centralized unified leadership of the Party Central Committee,Take loyalty as the party to protect the party、Full of the Party and Strong Party as the fundamental mission,To solve the unique problem of the big party,Improve and comprehensively and strictly govern the party system,Lead the party's social revolution with a better great self -revolution,Empowerment bet365 best casino games of Chinese -style modernization with the positive energy of the social revolution,Provide a strong organizational guarantee for the great cause of national rejuvenation。

 Lead Chinese -style modernization process with a great self -revolution 

"The Communist Party of China is both the ruling party and the Revolutionary Party,Chinese Communists have always been revolutionaries,The revolutionary spirit can never be discarded。The Communist Party of China can carry out a great self -revolution,It can also lead the people to carry out a great social revolution。"Ding Junping, a professor at Marxist College of Wuhan University, thinks,The significance of the "two great revolution" is that there is a correlation between the revolutionary field and the penetration of the revolutionary cause between the two. Promote self -revolution,It is also necessary to use the self -revolution as the power mechanism to promote the social revolution of transformation of society; the second is that the party's self -revolutionary logic clue has never changed,is the original mission of the party's century -old struggle,and the social revolution is a distinctive theme of the Struggle of the Communist Party of China。In the new era and new journey,Chinese -style modernization is one of the important practices of the party to promote the social revolution。

Professor Feng Jun, a professor at Marxist College of Tsinghua University,To make the party's lofty mission will be reached,It is necessary to maintain a soberness of solving the unique problem of the Great Party,The party must persevere and fight with their own mistakes and problems。Facing the "Four Dangerous Danger" Bet365 lotto review and "Four Tests",It is necessary to adhere to persistence and strictly governing the party as the party's long -term strategy and eternal topic,Resolutely overcome the pine and rest feet、Emotion of Fatigue Battle,Always insist on problem -oriented,Maintain strategic fixed force,Promoting the thorough self -revolutionary spirit,Improving the self -revolutionary system specification system,Form a set of self -purification、Self -improvement、Self -innovation、Self -improvement institutional mechanism,Perseverance and perseverance to comprehensively and strictly govern the party,In -depth promotion of the new great project of the party's construction in the new era。

Self -revolution is the prerequisite for the social revolution,It is an important driving force to promote the modernization of Chinese -style。Ding Xiaoqiang, Executive Dean of the Party Construction Research Institute of the Communist Party of China at East China Normal University, believes,Chinese -style modernization requirements Insist on deepening reform and opening up,firmly expand openness,firmly expand openness。Promote the spirit of the party's self -revolution,Establish a self -revolutionary paradigm,Can effectively regulate the integrity construction of leading cadres,can also maintain the correct reform orientation,Chinese -style modernization vision that meets the needs of the people's growing good life,The original mission of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

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